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We are "Of the Youth, By the Youth, and For the Community"

Extreme Youth Leadership - EYL

Extreme Youth Leadership engages and empowers young people to serve their schools and communities and provides a vehicle to create social change.

Extreme Youth Leadership uses planning and teamwork to create change, by combining networking opportunities, skills training, action planning, activities, motivation, and fun. Extreme Youth Leadership addresses a variety of topics including but not limited to alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs, youth preparedness, emergency management, traffic safety, bullying, environmental strategies, violence, school climate, and other topics that are important to young people and adults who value their community.

Extreme Youth Leadership participants have the motivation to go out and make a difference. 


Extreme Youth Leadership is rooted in current, effective, research based prevention strategies.

    Because our staff work daily to change our own community, we have expertise in many areas of environmental prevention (changing laws, policies, attitudes and norms) and in education.

    We are not content with the current situation in America concerning underage drinking, tobacco and illicit drug abuse, and other negative behaviors.

    We seek diligently each day to advocate on behalf of those who have no voice and give a voice to those who want the world to be a better place to live.

    Extreme Youth Leadership believes in providing Opportunities, Skills & Recognition to those who want to step up, reach out, speak up and make a difference. Providing the opportunity to develop skills and to contribute through volunteering with recognition, will increase an individuals commitment to remain drug free while encouraging a greater sense of devotion to their community.              

Are you ready to join us and become an Extreme Youth Leader?

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